Everton Summer 2013 Transfer Deadline Day ETC

I forgot I had set this up, and what I had set it up for. This is much easier to get my point across, rather than trying to cram everything into 140 characters.

First off….

David Moyes

I didn’t stay behind after the West Ham game, I am not trying to be too cool for school or anything. To be honest I have lost some of the interest of football I had. Nothing to do with Moyes leaving, I support Everton not him.

He had his plus points, there were times when he genuinely gave Evertonians hope and that in a funny way was also a major contribution to his unpopularity with some sections of Evertonians. Culminating in THAT game at Wembley last year.

What he has done in the time since his departure though, is manage to sour a relationship that really had no need to have been. His pursuit of Fellaini and Baines using his inside knowledge has angered a large percentage of blues, his reception when United come to Goodison next year should be fun, a game which is sure to be on TV.

The Transfer Window

I say it every year, “I’m not getting drawn in, i’m not watching that shite”, yet at 9am yesterday morning I switched my laptop on, had Sky Sports News on mute and was listening to Colin Murray on Talksport (who is quite good by the way, despite the adverts) looking for any scrap of Everton related transfer news.

Everton wise, things were slow to start with. Movement was expected but when would be the key.

The first Everton related transfer rumour involved Porto midfielder Fernando. Roberto Martinez had apparantly travelled to London for a work permit for the player. As it turned out, he is still at Porto now, which makes you wonder why Roberto went to London, unless it was for a strategy meeting with Bill Kenwright, maybe I should introduce them to Skype?!.

Anyway, after watching Twitter all day, at around 10pm after an interview with Dave Whelan on the BBC saying he had rejected an offer for James McCarthy after Everton had suggested paying in installments over 4 years, if the mood of Evertonians on twitter could be described in a video it would probably be this….

Fellaini had handed in his transfer request and was on his way to sign for United and Everton were apparantly heading into oblivion. I have to admit I was starting to be worried and would have struggled to defend the board if that was the way things had ended.

As it was, the arrivals of Gareth Barry on loan, and James McCarthy (who I presume must have been parked in their cars really close to Finch Farm waiting for Fellaini to sign for United) and the shock signing of Romelu Lukaku on loan for the season were eventually confirmed leaving the Evertonians mood on twitter like this at around 11.15pm…

For what it is worth, I think the summer transfer dealings at Everton have been “OK”. The problems have been plain to see, they needed someone to stick the ball in the net after the fancy passing/build up play, Lukaku could be that man.

I am not usually keen on a player coming on loan without an option to buy, I went as far to say I would rather have had Shane Long from West Brom on a permanent deal as part of the 6M (stop laughing at the back!) we got for Victor Anichebe, but perhaps if Lukaku is a success,  Mourinho may not fancy him or think he is part of his plans and he might become a permanent fixture.

On the other hand, if he is as good as he is meant to be and fulfills his potential, Gerard Deulofeu will never be a full time player at Everton, but rumours are his loan could be extended into a second season if he is a success and with Barcelona being prepared to wave a loan fee if he plays a certain number of games, this can only be good for Everton.

I will trust Martinez with his signing of Roebles and Alcaraz with the latter probably intending to be back up to the first choice centre backs.


Gareth Barry is in the last year of his contract at Manchester City and I presume will have a point to prove and will be keen to possibly book a place on the plane to Brazil with England next summer for the World Cup. I have criticised him in the past, particularly at the last World Cup when Germany ran rings round him, but, I suppose he won’t be playing Germany every week here.

As for the ex Wigan pair of James McCarthy and especially Arouna Kone (who seems to have been written off as a flop by the Everton twitterati already) it might take a while for them to settle in. While I can see the point that if you spend 12M on a midfielder he should be ready to slot straight in, don’t go mad if he has a few quiet games.

Martinez knows him and thinks he can do a job, this is an investment and a massive oppertunity for the lad, let’s not give him the (totally undeserved) same treatment  Naismith gets.

So Fellaini and Anichebe (who I hold no grudges to either, unless they start shouting their mouths off) out for roughly 33M and Robles, Alcaraz,Kone,Barry,Lukaku and McCarthy coming in is decent business for me.

Finally, this tweet pretty much summed up Everton’s handling of the Fellaini/Baines transfer saga and consequent eventual transfer of Fellaini…


I imagine some heads will have been banged together at Old Trafford today after the handling of yesterdays business, especially after the press who no longer have Alex Ferguson and his press conference bans to be scared of, seem to have had a bit of a field day mocking United, Moyes and their new chief exec Ed Woodward.

Finally, after United putting in a typically “Moyes’ Everton” type performance in at Anfield on Sunday, resulting in another defeat meaning no wins now in 13 attempts, this, along with the fact he still hasn’t won a game as manager at Old Trafford (although they have got Crystal Palace at home next), might raise a smile amongst Evertonians, but that would be a bit…….. bitter, wouldn’t it…… 😉

Onwards Evertonians…


About mtcefc

Everton season ticket holder since 1996/97, I have only missed two home games in the time I have been a season ticket holder so I have been on the ups and downs of the Everton rollercoaster a few times now.
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2 Responses to Everton Summer 2013 Transfer Deadline Day ETC

  1. MC says:

    Nice work fella. Only thought is that Martinez went to London to sort out Lukaku deal?

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